About Us

Rudderless is a shop specializing in one if a kind enamel pins, accessories and apparel.


Why did you choose the name Rudderless?

What is more Canadian-sounding than a word which brings the image of a canoe to mind?! Joking aside, I chose this name because it represents the freedom of exploration with no clearly defined destination.

To be rudderless means to allow oneself to be carried simply by the currents surrounding their small boat with only an oar to propel them forward. 

Learning to accept all of life’s challenges has never been easy for me because I wanted to keep control over every aspect of my life.

The reality is that living life in such a way is...not realistic. We don’t get to decide what all of our challenges will look like, but we can decide how or whether or not we will step up to meet them. For me, my health changed the direction of my little boat and for the longest time, I did not feel brave enough to touch the oar, let alone pick it up.

Rudderless is my oar, I am my boat and life is the vast ocean. Super cliche, but it is the truth I have come to accept!