Pastel Viper - Enamel Pin (B-Grade)

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Hey you!
Do you enjoy cosplaying as a pastel, vampire who at 11PM, is up late scouring the ‘gram for your next body modding project? No? ...well same here! 
Aliens, vamps, pastel fiends and cosplayers rejoice! Finally, a pin which incorporates every bookmarked image on your Instagram account that you have been too afraid to style on yourself. 
NO, trying new things on a Sunday night is not a good time to see whether you can tweeze a permanent glare on your eyebrows like your favourite alt model.
Just get the pin, we’ll understand.
Rep that alt-lifestyle!
This pin is 1” in size.


Please note that B-Grade pins are listed at a reduced price due to the following imperfections:

- Incorrect colour placement
- Small dings, scratches
- Small chips to the plating